Friday, March 13, 2015

Animal Style Fries

Okay. So we all know I love to cook (see Beef Bourguignon)... mostly because I love to eat. I was issued the challenge (by my wife) to make one of her favorites from In and Out's secret but not so secret menu, Animal Style Fries.

This is how things went down....

Animal Style Fries!

1. Start with some crinkle fries... I know this is heresy since In & Out does everything fresh. But, let's be honest. The amount of effort, energy, and resources to chop up your own fries and get oil up to temp to fry them in and all that.... ugh. Just too much. I'm a fan of taking tactical short cuts when needed ;) So yes.... get some fries-a-baking!

2. While the fries are warming up, sautee some sweet onions. In this case, I used Hawaiian Sweet Onions. Mostly butter and some olive oil to keep things from sticking.

3. Mix up your spread. About a 1:2 ratio of ketchup to mayo.

4. It should come out to this type of color hue; then you know you've got it.

5. If you timed things out, the 25-30 minute crinkle cut fries cook time should also coincide with your onions getting caramelized, like so!

6. Go ahead and melt some American cheese on top. I decided to mix it up with shredded and single's-style cheese.

7. Add your well caramelized onions on top of that once it melts... there should be plenty of heat to melt the cheese as is. Of course, if you want to pop it back into the oven to speed up the process, go for it!

8. Top off this California classic with your spread and enjoy!

Finally, be prepared that your home smells like Animal Style Fries for the next 36-72 hours. I do have to say though, that the homemade version is significantly more savory that from the restaurant. I think much of it has to do with the size of the fries. The rest of it has to do with the fact you get to add as many onions and as much cheese as your sinful heart desires. Regardless of how to put this all together...


Bon app├ętit!

PS. We left out the relish. My wife hates pickled anything....

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