Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ben Fung's Digital Footprint Map

So, I just came across this idea to mentally map out where my digital footprint is. Then, I decided... why not actually map it out?! Then, I was wondering where my Twitter based impressions have been leading toward...


Result: Good company. Good people. Gotta love Twitter!

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Year Out Of School... Again...

So, for those of you that don't know... I've been through too much school. Not as much as some others... but, too much... haha, for my family.

I met my wife in grad school round #1 for my DPT. Then, not two years into marriage, I started an MBA program. Well... it's been a year since I was conferred an MBA in Marketing with Distinction from the University of Michigan.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Product Review: The Pelvic Clock™

Today's product review is sponsored by The Pelvic Clock™.

While I don't do many product reviews on this blog; and more so, do product reviews on my dad blog #DaddyInTheRaw... there is a remarkable story behind the Pelvic Clock -- the person, behind the product.

As with many inventions, the Pelvic Clock came out of personal necessity. Founder & CEO Yana Blinova created the Pelvic Clock during a time when she was told her spine was so of whack, that her only hope was spine surgery. Being an olympic coach, she knew the power of Physical Therapy... both professionally and personally. Both her parents were olympic coaches; and, one of her twin brothers -- being born with clubfeet -- experienced transformative improvements through Physical Therapy.

Refusing to give up, she looked around her house for ANYTHING she could use to augment therapeutic exercises and alleviate her low back pain. Fashioning a broken pot lid & a towel for padding, she performed the popular Pelvic Clock exercises and felt immediate relief across her sacroiliac joint & low back.

Not thinking much about it until far later when her many clients urged her to produce the Pelvic Clock as formal product, she went to work on design and production. After numerous revision and manufacturing intensities two years in the making...

The Pelvic Clock™ is proudly made in the USA!

It's a rather intuitive device with a truly comfortable material texture. It isn't too hard, nor is the height of it impossible to appreciate in terms of spinal extension. It is also more intuitive (to me at least!) with the explanation of the Pelvic Clock exercises as well as the proper muscle engagement in performing the pelvic clock exercises as a whole.

Yana and I had a wonderful conversation together and remarked on both the portability (for home health), the ease of use and simple patient education, and of course, the fact that it can be utilize in the clinic as ther-ex. The Pelvic Clock can be used on a hard surface, a soft surface such as a mattress, and even against a wall... which was, as Yana recalled, how a pregnant Physical Therapist used it the first time she was introduced to the product.

Through personal use of the Pelvic Clock, I was truly impressed by how HARD it was to cheat. Typically, with supine core exercises, it's easy to engage with the lower extremities to feign substitute and compensatory movements. However, I tried... I mean, I REALLY TRIED to perform a posterior pelvic tilt with the lower extremities... No Go. However, *BOOM* with core engagement... PPT #Done.

The Pelvic Clock is highly rated on Amazon -- and -- I agree! It's a solid product. Feels really nice. Is quality material. And, is made in the USA! I can see this useful in the clinic as a foundational exercise for low back concerns. And, since the exercise is rather self regulating, it can also be used much like most warm up exercises are in the clinic in terms of maximizing time management & productivity. Of course, that's after a patient has demonstrated proper exercise technique ;)

I'm very pleased to present the Pelvic Clock with my recommendations. While the price may be seemingly high; the quality it presents with, the ease of use, and the fact that is made in America earns it my thumbs up!