Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 - Year End & Thoughts For The New Year

So... it's been a terribly long time. How long??? Long enough for Blogger to have changed some of their admin features sets... still not long enough for me to have revamped this site... HAHA =P

That long.

Preeeeeetty crazy. So... Let's catch up!

The rest of October was a blur. So, there was Ascend Event by WebPT, PPS, and just a blur of getting back to the "norm" -- which included getting crazy sick, then... the rest of my family getting crazy sick. #SoThatHappened

Speaking at Ascend and the incredible networking at PPS was just simply glorious. You can find my thoughts on them here on the UpDoc Media Blog:
  1. Ascend Event
  2. Recap: Private Practice Section Conference 2016 (PPS2016)
Beyond this, I've finally decided to get an Instagram for my "Dr. Ben Fung" brand. With that checked off and this blog continuing... I'm still in the works to getting to two or three... or four posts I owe myself in my Daddy In The Raw #DadBlogger.

Seriously... I'm working on it. #SoCrazyBusy

OH! We saw MOANA. It was an incredible movie... wait.... probably better for Daddy In The Raw.

So, okay... back on track. I'm coming to grips with the fact that, I just have too many outlets. I think this will have to be a space for personal reflection, journaling, and generally, a quarterly'ish update.

Much of my most current writings are available via the UpDoc Media Blog...

Gee... other than that... this one SHORT update. I guess the real update is this:

Life has gotten cray cray! There are more platforms and more mediums than I can begin to fully appreciate... despite being some type of social media guru in the space of physical therapy. I expect there to be a consolidation of user behaviors.... after all, people want to feel connected.
Too many options will cause choice paralysis and feeling distant. So... my thoughts are these:
  • 2017 will have a convergence of technologies and user demands.
  • 2017 will also be an insane year for millennial entrepreneurs.
  • Next year, I expect people to crave the personal touch that is very much retro, right now.
  • I also expect the coming year to feel like an extension of 2016... simply because of some of the socio-economic dynamics which are holding on to their inertia.
  • Finally, I anticipate that the year 2017 will be considered one of the biggest years of finding unity, dispite disagreements... as well as finding growth in emerging opportunities previously considered a dead-end. Such benefits will come to those who are willing to look beyond their own likes, preferences, and penchants; to those who are willing to become more than they are, for causes greater than & more meaningful than themselves.

I guess that's it. See you around New Years!


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