Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Blog Header, Updates, Etc.

Hello everyone!

This blog has under gone several header titles as best fits the season of the life cycle to which it resides. I've actually noticed that depending on the type of blog, most blog based websites tend to have a 1-2 year life cycle where things need a little mixing up and changing around.

Well, my blog is no exception. By now, I'm sure you've noticed I've taken a lot of my thoughts and content in a partnership with UpDoc Media, appropriately serving as their Chief Content Officer. As such, I've been using this platform more as a personal, reflective, advisory, mentoring, and expanded outlet for my personal thoughts and philosophies as it pertains to life, academics, career, and business.

It's exciting for me since I had a fairly successful Periscope session (still just getting into it), ran as a Q&A. I'm planning on doing more of this in the future.

What is MOST exciting for me is revitalizing this blog as a place for honest conversations about life. As we continue to forge through the millennial age, we're realizing together that much of what we thought and expected of our futures is unfolding in a much different way. In fact, it is unfold in a fairly dis-congruent fashion to that which we were otherwise told it would.

Now, there are no promises in life. Certainly. However, there just seems to be such a disconnect between the social contract we signed up for and the present state of the social contract to which we are now living in.

So, what can you expect? Well, I'm going to be delving into some areas of concern in our academic system. I'm also going to continue to expand my thoughts on career strategies, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the opportunities for change. I'm going to talk a lot about relationships. THIS is exciting me. I think, as a culture, we're all obsessed with relationships... so it's going to be a lot of fun ;)

Yes, of course, I'll talk business. I ALWAYS talk business. But, what I really want to utilize this outlet for is fostering some honest thoughts and conversations about how things are, how things should be, and how we can get there together.

Many of you have already reached out privately via email, Twitter DMs, and other private channels. Awesome. Though, it seems a hashtag was needed... some were carved out for me... another I made for myself just because... sometimes, you need honest conversations during an open break time where people can just talk, as people.

So, I'll be talking to you, soon!

Take care,

PS. Here are some hashtags which I've been mentioned on:
#btwbf (this one I use personally, it stands for Break Time with Ben Fung)
#BizFungShui (primarily in association with UpDoc Media)


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