Tuesday, March 15, 2016


About a year ago, I stated my thoughts "A Case For The Primary Care Physiotherapist."

Just recently, I had two dental care experiences which were vastly different from each other. While there's much to say -- and -- I *will* say, regarding the customer experience factor... there is far more significant discussion available regarding integrating a primary care PT element into healthcare. And, even some cursory discussion regarding a PT insurance much as medical, dental, vision, etc... so, why not "physical?"

After all... who is REALLY doing the "physical" examinations?

Any way... without further ado... here is my vlog on...!

As always, thank you for being with me! I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Be sure to tweet me @DrBenFung or feel free to leave a comment below or in the YouTube video itself!


PS. If you want to read more on such related thoughts, you can find them here:


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