Thursday, October 29, 2015

Finding the "Ideal" Person

Finding the right, ideal, perfect, etc. person in the context of a relationship is often the goal for many. We have our lists, our requirements, our deal breakers, certain must haves, certain would be perks. But here's the thing, relationships (despite what TV may tell us) isn't to be approached as one does a meat market.

In fact, by doing so, we make the experience of finding our special someone all about us. What about them?!

If everyone is only look for their own desires, who is looking out for your future and/or intended beloved's?

My advice is this: Don't pursue the ideal person. BECOME the ideal person.

There are so many people in the world -- and -- being that the world has gotten so much smaller, it's not about finding the right person. It's about becoming the right person.

If you like character traits A-E, then you must become the type of person that character traits A through E would be attracted to.

After all, what good it is to find your perfect person and have them NOT be attracted to you?!

I find that typically guys have more issue here than gals. So, I'll hammer the fellas for just a moment. Say you like girls who do this, do that, look a certain way, have certain goals in their lives. I mean, they sound more than pretty awesome -- that's just hot marriage material, right?!

But, are YOU marriage material? Do you fit their bill? Why would they be interested in the likes of you? If they are so amazing, you better be just as if not more amazing if you wish to hope to and/or even dream to come across as attractive to them.

That's the secret. If you want to be with your ideal mate, you must first become it.

And, that is actually the secret sauce in terms of attitude for any successful relationship. It's not about you. It's all about them. By making the entire relationship process and path from finding, pursuit, inception, cultivation, even to maturation -- all about your significant other... the relationship becomes that much stronger because it's not based on egocentricity. It's based on what relationships should be on... RELATING to the beloved, the one you care about, the one you love.

So, that's it. Finding the ideal person is all about being the ideal person and having no hesitation about it when your lives cross paths.

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