Monday, May 18, 2015

Healthcare, the Mechanic's Dilemma, and the Tragedy of the Commons

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first combined blog and vlog episode. In this, and the next four vlog episodes, we'll be sharing some time together where sadly, I'll be wearing the exact same shirt since I recorded as many thoughts as I could during the time of my son's nap. He'll be joining us in Episode 4. It'll be fun ;)

In any case, thank you all in advance for the support in starting this video blog add on. I've decided to keep things casual. I, personally, used #casversation (casual conversation) in a happenstance since I don't plan on editing anything really. To which, I'm working on a hashtag. Brooke McIntosh already started using the #drbenfung hashtag... ugh, LOL! It's just weird for your name to become a hashtag (if that's what the people want, I'm all for it). But.... yeah. If you can come up with a good hashtag for my vlog so I can answer questions, address concerns, talk about the stuff you want to hear about... just let me know!

So, without further ado!

Healthcare, the Mechanics Dilemma, and the Tragedy of the Commons

  • The Mechanic's Dilemma occurs when a mechanic is paid by the service and not by the long term results of how well your car runs. As such, a mechanic tends to worry about doing too good of a job, that business will suffer in the short run.
  • This relates to healthcare as most providers are paid by each service but NOT by the long term health results of their patients.
  • The Tragedy of the Commons is a popular allegory taught in business school and environmental studies to cover the disastrous effects on common resources when people don't work together; without a cooperative force, the entire land is decimated with all natural resources depleted.
  • The Solution:  Judge and pay healthcare providers by the long term results of their patient populations. Forge a unity between provider, patient, and payers such that the interest and greatest value of generation is done so considering the greatest long term value in concert in promoting sustainability.

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