Sunday, May 24, 2015

5 Most Annoying Clinical Personalities

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Episode 4 - one of my FUN vlog episodes - on the topic of the worst and most annoying clinical personalities we "get" to... Sorry, sorry. "Have the privilege of" work with. This is the last of the first four episodes where I binge filmed... that is until my son woke up from his nap. Speaking of whom, Nathan will be joining us for.......!

The 5 Most Annoying Clinical Personalities

They are!
1. The Holier Than Thou
2. The Always Skeptic, Always Right
3. The Mystic
4. The Kumbaya-er
5. The Complicated Problems Person 

Honorable mentions:
-Mr. Experience
-Mrs. Degree
-Uncle Credentials 
-and, the Queen Bee

PS! Don't forget about these outtakes!

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