Sunday, August 4, 2013

#brandPTchallenge - Week 2: #KneePain

Last week, I issued a challenge to strengthen the physical therapy brand via the hashtags, #brandPT and utilizing the #brandPTchallenge for internal discussion amongst the profession itself.

We set out to tackle #neckpain (see last post). What I intended on encouraging later, quickly evolved naturally - physical therapists reaching out to other social media users who had complained about their own neck pain experience. Customer engagement is something that is quite difficult to do when trying to expand a brand image; I'm very encouraged to see it happening organically.

The desire to quickly make these connections in a short period of time is a natural instinct, however, based on marketing principles - taking time is the best way to build stable brand equity in the long run.

And so, I issue week 2's #brandPTchallenge: #kneepain!

Remember that the additional challenge is to reach out to the users out there suffering from the topic of the week. Also, the deeper layer of this challenge is to reach out via Facebook and Google+ as well.

Oh, yes! One final thing! Props to the snapshot below - it's an early snapshot of those who participated to the #neckpain #brandPTchallenge of last week. Keep it up everyone!!