Monday, June 20, 2016

So... I got stuck in an elevator

So, a week ago, I got stuck in an elevator during a family vacation / reunion.

It came completely unexpected. While the hotel was getting some work done downstairs, there was no evidence it would affect the elevators per se. In fact, the moment I got into the elevator, there was a lady who came out all cheery as could be with a plate of food.

I went in after she came out, hit the button from floor 3 to 1, for the lobby. I felt the elevator go down. Then, it stopped. And... the door didn't open. I hit the open door button... the closed door button. Nothing. I thought, "Huh... maybe it's a glitch?" So, I hit for floor 2 and figured if the door opens, I'll just take the stairs down and let the front desk know.

Well, I felt the elevator go up to level 2. And, it stopped. Then, it completely stopped. NOTHING responded. Good thing I had my phone. I called the front desk which was apparently a call center. THEY called the front desk and came scampering to make sure I was okay. Well... I wasn't going to waste any time... I jumped on Facebook Live, Twitter (#PTstuck), and Periscope. You can see the videos here:
The firefighters came and rescued me. They thanked me for being cool and not yelling them. Apparently, there are some pretty thankless folks out there who rake anyone they can find over the coals... even their own rescuers... for mishaps, regardless of fault or blame. Weird.

Well... all that was fun and done. NOW, I need to deal with this water damage leak thing coming from the unit above me.... *sighs*... Such is life. #HappyFathersDay.


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