Monday, November 16, 2015

Making a New Blog!

Well, you've probably been noticing that I've been talking about topics far beyond healthcare, marketing, business, branding, etc. And, just like how eventually Kettlebell Therapy turned into this blog, I'm starting to merge my voice here with a new blog I'm building:

Since this is a pretty big move, I created a page to explain what I'm doing, why, and what happens next. Please read more here!

That's it for now. Talk soon! I'm really excited about this leg of our journey together.



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  6. Congratulations on the new blog venture, Ben! It's refreshing to see someone expanding their content and sharing personal experiences. The shift from healthcare, marketing, and business to the real-life perspective of a work-at-home dad brings a personal touch to your platform. Now its time to look
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