Saturday, April 4, 2015

5 Ways Twitter Changed My Life

As part of my efforts in both advocacy and mentorship, I've found that Twitter has been the most effective social media platform. Now, this is an experience in and for myself -- not to say that other outlets such as Facebook, G+, Linked In, etc. are not better or worse. It's simply that I've found that Twitter works for me. And, we tend to favor things we're good at. In any case, I can't advocate enough that both students and young professionals of all walks and of all industries find their way to Twitter that they may benefit as I have.

Here are...!

5 Ways Twitter Changed My Life

1. Connectivity
Perhaps the biggest benefit I've experienced via Twitter has been connectivity. A broader reach, a stronger platform, and, a more visible personage has been the wonderful results of how Twitter has changed my life. There are many months that I've seen my organic Twitter circles help me reach easily in the millions of unique connectivities in just 7-10s of any given campaign, initiative, or effort of awareness. When Twitter is used naturally (without gimmicky follow-backs and such), it truly becomes a social connection. And, as such, people learn about you, grow to know you with their trust thusly earned. As such, they are willing to lend a helping hand to deserving causes and intents. Twitter has exponentially elevated my connectivity.

2. Community
The Twitter community is something truly interesting. Everyone goes about it their own way; through lists, following apps, hashtags, etc. Nevertheless, people develop a community based on mutual interest, shared values, common goals, and a passion to make better the lives around us. The Twitter community is strong; perhaps stronger than any other social media platform. It is stronger, as I see it, because there are no privacy settings to hide behind. Twitter is largely public. And, it is an outlet for voices; for ideas. A community of ideas can lead to an outbreak of action; it can, it has, and it will continue to. Twitter has grown the community to which I belong.

3. Collaborativity
As if it were such a word... the opportunities to collaborate have been never more accessible than via Twitter. The etiquette of many other methods of communication tend to be more stringent, formal, and closed. It is seen as invasive if unanticipated or uninvited solicitations arrive via email, Facebook messaging, etc. Yet, with Twitter... our words and our ideas are open. Thus, such also is our invitations to more closely connect with each other and work with each other. Twitter has given me more opportunities to collaborate than I've ever experienced before.

4. Calling
I've noticed that through my interactions using Twitter, I've found new and expanded purpose... a calling really. It first expressed itself in the realm of exercise and wellness. Then, it came through the promotion of advocacy issues. Finally, it has matured to the realm of student mentorship and business/management consulting. It is easy to have the blinders on too tight; to be too focused on the issues at hand and be blind to all the glorious opportunities available. Twitter allowed me a far broader scope of examination to the areas which I could serve others... the calling to which I could answer. Twitter has the ability to inspire a new calling.

5. Continued Learning
I've heard it said before that Twitter is the world's best community college. I tend to agree! The plethora of new views, novel considerations, radical methods of approach, controversial mindsets, conflicting but constructive interactions... all of which, many times, leads to finding mutual solutions. Such is the benefit of continued learning in the context of Twitter. There have been personages, video channels, blogs, and Tweet chats that I've been exposed to and have taken part of that have completely blown my mind. Such opportunities to learn that I can assure you after 2 bouts of graduate school and 1 bout of undergraduate work that such experiences do not occur in formal education. And, as I've heard so many times from others (to which I've seen as well), such learnings through Twitter are often times far more influential. Twitter has opened my eyes to continued learning in ways never seen through formal didactics.

Some Closing Thoughts
And, so! These are but five ways Twitter has changed my life. Perhaps even 2 or 3 years ago, such a post may have been considered fickle, shallow, even self serving. But truly, Twitter is a unique platform of communication, and of, information exchange. There is an elemental rawness, even nakedness of expression, that makes us interact in a way which perhaps is more real.... than is real.

Certainly there are those who may be considered "trolls." That's what the block function is for. As to the rest of those many wonderful individuals to whom you can connect, commune, collaborate, find a calling with, and continue to learn from... such are the ways Twitter can change your life.

I hope you give it a chance.

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