Friday, February 28, 2014

Further Introductions & Expanded Blog Content

In reflecting over the last year of life experience, it's absolutely striking to recollect upon what has transpired. As many of you may have noticed throughout the past 12 months, I've been increasingly sharing more about my personal life via my social media outlets. Originally (way back when...), it was my intent to keep my social media presence quite professional... but, what's the fun in that?! Logically, how is that even possible to accomplish?

In any case, I had so much fun with Cinema's Interview that I felt it'd be appropriate to open my expanded blog content with Further Introductions to Yours Truly - and - perhaps share some thoughts as to why I decided to open up my blog to a broader content base. Who knows, it may inspire you to expand your reach as well!

Further Introductions to Yours Truly
I like to consider myself an aspiring connoisseur of life; I see much of the human experience as a collection of events by which we perceive, view, interpret, and consider in positive and negative valences. From those valences we develop values, creeds, beliefs, desires, our ethos, and all the other intangible which makes us human.

I love family, food, and fun. Fun, for me, includes adventuring, travels (as able), martial arts, surfing (in the past), fishing, and watching/studying human behavior from a perspective of motivators/valuations. In these fun moments, I've traveled to Africa, Asia, helping out at lone orphanages in Mexico, and hiking in overgrown forest trails. I've studied several systems of martial arts and settled down with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kali/Escrima/Arnis. I've surfed pretty big waves in the past; my favorite experience was 12 foot waves at Pacific Beach Point in San Diego - it's that feeling almost every surfer feels once a year. The feeling of "never have I been so alive, and yet, so close to not making it back on an awesome wave!"  I love surf fishing; Southern California hosts one of the most interesting game: the California Corbina, a most difficult quarry for a light line angler. Speaking of, I need to pick up fly fishing - at least to try it. Of course, studying human behavior came through with my pursuit of a psychology degree and my current studies in a marketing concentration as part of an MBA.

In my past professional life, I've been a tutor, a counselor, a life coach, a surf bum, a bartender, a physical therapy aide, a researcher, a data analyst, and bio-engineer (biomedical engineer). Tutoring was hilarious. Never have I seen so many parents be so willing to pay money so their high school children don't spend a summer in remedial classes or to be held back a year. Education system = currently broken. Counseling and life coaching because much of the same thing; many people need a "professional" word of encouragement. From there, they are good to take their own actions. Being a surf bum? Oh yeah, I was definitely one of those. Surfed twice a day and ate crazy late breakfast foods in between. Bartending was a "fun" experience; really, it was the flare that was fun. Becoming a physical therapy aide was part of my mentors digging me out of the bartender's "rut". Being a PT aide actually served to gateway me into the DPT program at Azusa Pacific University. Before then, I did research at a UCSD Bioengineering lab. I considered really getting into that arena but realized, at the time, I just hated dealing with grants and the politics of research - oh yeah, research = stab-in-back-politics. Amazing stuff. In any case, that was my choice at the time despite my penchant for devising engineering solutions. Oh yeah, one of my favorite life coach experiences transitioned to teaching students/entry-level professionals how to interview strongly. I developed a pretty good, associative track record for getting applicants into professional schools.

In my personal life, I grew up with fine arts (music, in the form of traditional percussion and concert piano). I expanded to the guitar, "tried" the cello and trumpet, and dabble in the ukulele. Additionally, I was given to experience a childhood filled with ADHD, cultural conflicts, and being the target of a noted amount of bullying. Fortunately, I was blessed with a loving and supportive family who helped me find the conviction and control - over mind, body, and spiritual matters. In regards to ADHD: this topic was where I actually got my first writing exposures. This occurred at the international platform as an anonymous author in the coaching and editorial perspectives of parenting ADHD children. Essentially, it was for those who wanted to be encouraged by someone who "made it" and to glean any wisdom from such experiences. Cultural conflicts was a learning curve. Growing up with several languages proved to be both entertaining and confusing; imagine a little kid speaking several languages all in one breath of a sentence. Kindergarten teacher - not amused. Haha! Bullying? Yeah... that sucked. That's also what got me into martial arts. But guess what? Learning to get up even when they are still kicking you while you're down is what bullying taught me; there are elements of life which is all about enduring, rising up under the pressure, and turning defeat into victory. I'm glad I got bullied. It made me stronger. Sadly, bullying has become much more these days... I feel for those kids... the people... those who need friends and family to be strong along side them. It seems bullying has turned into something far different than what I experienced. I don't believe it will ever stop, but, I do hope that people learn to intervene rather than to stand by (or worse, turn a blind eye) and watch it happen.

So then we come to all my experiences and I realized that, despite my love for stage presence, I'm actually quite the introvert! This, apparently, is quite common amongst those who thrive on stage and perfomance. With a stage to play upon, braves are no problem. And, of course, I get this response all the time - "Ben! There is NO WAY you are an introvert!" Try me! Just watch me try to mingle with groups of new people... really... it's no good. However, with a stage and with an audience; with content (prepared or impromptu), with topics for which I can perform/converse/teach/etc... I'm good. And, I love doing it! Interesting huh? Just another strange dimension of being human.

Well, I suppose the last bit of further introductions is the summary of my last year. It's been interesting. I've quit two jobs in the last year. I went from a PT Specialist II to a Rehab Director at another company. I've been blessed with a wonderful son, Nathan. I'm about to start another job. I also got into consulting. I've decided I'm going to write a book or books. I'm thinking about getting myself into meta-analyses. And, I've decided to slow things down so I can finish off the MBA & spend more time with family & friends... doing more things I like with the people I love.

So much for further introductions :)  In any case, I hope this piece of candor, if not vulnerability encourages you. It's good for us to be vulnerable with ourselves from time to time. I think it's encouraging to see it within ourselves and demonstrated among our peers and the people we watch from afar. That's a big part of why I decided to expand my blog to content regarding career paths and life experiences. I've seen that I have much to offer those who will listen. I have a good grasp of success at a fairly early stage in life. I've experienced much of what matters, what can matter, what definitely does not matter, that which is optional, that which is essential, and that which is additional. I also know I have much to yet experience - much for which I hope you share on this expanded blog in hopes that it will be of benefit to you - in whichever place, part, or time in your walk of life that you currently are upon.  Yeah... that's a touch of vulnerability, isn't it? And, so what? No one ever said vulnerability meant weakness. Perhaps vulnerability is the key to strength. Knowing your own self... is many times... the key to clarity.

I hope you enjoy the expanded blog content for Blog @DrBenFung. I truly desire and aim to be of value and benefit to your life, your career path, your health, and, should you choose - your business ventures, ideas, hopes and dreams.

My Very Best To You!

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